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     Foucault's theories primarily address the relationship between power and knowledge. How they are used as a form of social control through societal institutions - in the 60’s, manufacturing jobs which were mostly staffed by high school graduates began to decline within the US. As this happened, higher education began marketing themselves as the key to a successful life. This positioning presented themselves as the “Gatekeepers” of knowledge and creating a power structure. This power structure has extended into our social fabric today. With the 2016 election producing “shocking” results, it led to people attempting to discover why it didn’t happen the way they thought it was going to happen. This led to the conclusion that Trump voters were “uneducated.” Higher education within the US is currently being used to grab power over the country because those who attend college deem themselves to be knowledgeable or rather “woke” and those who are un-woke (asleep) should just be quiet because they are “not knowledgeable.” Thinking that they should have control over the social institutions within our country because they are “woke” and others are dumb, uneducated and lack the knowledge they have. AND, to balance that, those on the right believe they have the knowledge, education and belief that higher education is indoctrinating those who attend college with socialist and progressive ideas. This is driving the right’s view that they are “red pilled” and have the correct knowledge and should have the power. The power structure currently uses terms like “conspiracy theory,” “hoax,” “libtard,” “SJW,” “Alt-right,” etc. to show that their opposites are less knowledgeable about the world while positioning themselves as the ones who deserve power over others.

     In order to understand what is driving this type of behavior within the general public, one has to look at who is controlling the institutions and figures which are driving the public. Who controls the talking heads, who owns the networks, who owns the media channels and who controls or fails to control those channels? What are their goals? Sew political division, chaos, disorder. Maybe it’s time to cut those media channels out of our society.

     With analyzing the system, which produces this trickle down power-structure, we see that he was correct in stating that the traditional liberal definition of a single group who controlled the masses as “power,” that within the system there are micro-power structures which control thought as well. This is demonstrated within the mass amounts of sub-groups present on the internet and the power structure within each of them.

Tactics - wearing a mega hat.

Strategies - the societal shame/judgement towards someone who wears a mega hat.

     While a person has free will to wear a mega hat, they will feel the judgement and feel uncomfortable wearing it, resulting in them not wearing it.

     “Power” is a fluid concept and can not be held by a single group or individual and is situational.

     Therefore, while you may feel “oppressed” at certain moments you can become the “oppressor” in the next situation. One can not be a “victim” full time or claim victim status because they have abused someone within their power at some point, even if they are unaware of how they have done it.

     A CIS white male can be a victim due to his status within his household (toxic masculinity), social circle pressure or any other factor. Think Emilo in breakfast club.

     Or in short, we are all guilty. So stop trying to act like you are “woke” or “red pilled.” Just try to be better people and be aware of your bullshit.

     Because we all exist within the system. The system is the one which controls the media channels. The media channels control the images and material goods you see. By controlling these images they are molding your desires, fears, hopes and beliefs. In order to freely choose your desires, fears, hope and beliefs, you need to turn the media channels off and freely choose them for yourself.

Tune in, turn on, drop out.