WW3: Bin Laden Celebrates Victory

WW3: Bin Laden Celebrates Victory

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED”: Osama Bin Laden declares victory after Commander Trump's Troops attack on the United States Capital building. - By Richard Thornburg

In the largest terrorist attack to occur on American Soil since 9/11, Commander Trump's Troops stormed the steps of the United States Capital Building in an attempt to stop the election certification of Joe Biden. Armed with law enforcement issued zip-tie handcuffs, and the erection of a guillotine on the grass in front of the building is leading some experts to suggest they were planning on holding public executions of elected officials. Chants of “Kill Pence” and “Where Is AOC?” could be heard throughout the group as they stormed the building. While Trump's Troops ultimately failed to accomplish their goal of stopping the certification, they did manage to earn the praise and respect of Osama Bin Laden. In a video the Taliban released this morning, Bin Laden applauded Trump and his troops of accomplishing the one thing his men failed to do. Throughout the attack numerous videos were upload to social media as they were filmed. FBI investigators are beginning to piece together what occurred on this tragic day in American history. Citizens at home quickly turned into soldiers as they attempted to scrap meta data and download posts from social media websites providing a real time play by play of the events. Which will help FBI investigators in the coming days. With…


Tuesday at 8pm - George Orwell’sWar Of The Worlds” is read live by D.B. Cooper. 4 out of 5 experts recommend. Check local Listings for station information.

Wed. at 8pm - Viewers can join their favorite celebrities live on Zoom as they watch and give live reactions to the first appearance of The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan show.

Thursday at 9:30pm - Geraldo Rivera to host the opening of Al Capones vault on IGTV. THEY SAY the vault contains: 11,800 Georgia ballots anvarious other artifacts including Nostradamus’s famous book where he reveals the mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle, Sasquatch and predicts the Storming of Area 51. Rebroadcast; check your local listings.

Friday at 8pm - Micheal Moore to present a panel discussion featuring current superstar band The Dead Contents covering fake news, mass hysteria, media manipulation, false-patriotism, conspiracy theories and how the uncertainty following the 9/11 attacks has lead to a rise in nostalgia for a time of security and safety. Check local listings.

You Ain’t Got No Receipts!

Kanye & Karen release surprise album after a three year hiatus. Self-produced and written by the duo, the album was uploaded across all streaming services on January 5th. The album titled: “Cancel The Managerfeatures a wide range of guest artist and production. Fans have already pushed the album to the most streamed of all time and with tracks such as “IMMA LET U FNSH, BUT.” feat. Lil Sha’man, “Beyoncé won; Stop The Steal,” “From The VMAs 2 D(take the steps),”Storm Area 51” and the remix “Storm the Capital,” PLUS the single “Gentle Mental” with production by E. Bernays & Manipulated MNDZ. It seems as though this Iconic duo is back. Best to hide the manager y'all.