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      The root of fear is anxiety and by keeping people in a constant state of anxiety you can keep them in a constant state of fear. The first reaction to fear is for one to shrink away from that fear, to form an outer shell to protect itself from the fear, to lock away inside and push the outside world as far away as possible. Heightening the cause of anxiety that is already present in the world we live in. Social and cultural differences are as present in the world similar to the sun, moon and the stars. It’s only when one chooses to allow these objects to trigger anxiety that fear arises. By reducing anxiety you reduce fear, in order to reduce anxiety of the outside world one must know and understand the world. In order to understand the world one must first understand themselves. Before one can project understanding onto the world, one must go within and find their “true self, “ or rather the absence of “self, “ as identifications of “self” are what causes differences, differences leads to anxiety and anxiety leads to fear.

     Your anxiety is an illusion based upon the “unknown” or unobserved processes in which occur within our world. Further more, 99% of “anxiety” in today’s world is manufactured, not actually anxiety, an illusion which is produced to keep the citizens suspended within a state of anxiety and fear because within that state one will seek an outside entity to guard and keep them safe from that fear and anxiety. Which is how our species ended up with: royalty, religion, wars, etc. The promise of safety, which is an illusion because one is never truly safe from nature (the world).