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     Do you honestly think you’ll be able to over throw the literal GREATEST MILITARY to ever grace this earth? Do you understand the interconnected web at which the modern world operates? The world is currently in the middle of WWIII, it is a disinformation/cyberwar. If the US were to enter into a new civil war it would allow WWIII to move from a Cold War into a red hot humanity destroying war.


Globally - US enters into a Civil war.

     Kim launches ICBM at Japan and South Korea backed by China. Regional war in the South Pacific breaks out. Iran funded terrorist cells launch attacks against Saudi Arabia and Israel, regional war breaks out in the Middle East. Putin and Xi click up and invade Europe. The Narcos have been buying heroin from the Afghans for the last few years because Americas demand for opium is so high they couldn’t keep up with the supply. Narco civil wars break out in Mexico. Terrorist enter the US through the southern border, US falls. Russia and China divide up the globe, or one of these nuclear powers let a nuke fly leading to world wide nuclear war and destroying every living thing on this planet except for the cockroaches. All of this, because you are overly entitled middle class Americans throwing a tantrum because life didn’t turn out the way your parents promised.

Domestically - US Government Vs Alt-right/Alt-left.

     US Government shuts down telecommunications, food, medical, power grid, and total black out of all services. Within a month 50% or more of the US population is dead. Mass graves are filled and they open up immigration allowing repopulation of the country.

     Also, who are the sides in this “civil war”? The colonist wanted to take the 13 and stand separate from England. The Confederates wanted the South. What land mass do you think you’ll take? Do you think the silent majority wants to enter into a war? Go and ask one of the 38 million plus who’ve had to abandon their homes over the last 20 years due to the War On Terror what war is like. Go ask one of the refugees who had to flea Pol Pot and South East Asia in the late 60’s and 70’s what war is like. Go ask a Syrian 16yr, who has never known a day of their lives without war what war is like. You’re over here LARP’n and Hype’n it like your ass would survive longer than a month. 


Q: If you are the greatest race then why are immigrants with 2nd grade educations, who don’t speak the language of your home country and whose only skills are to move heavy objects from one place to the other stealing your jobs? You claim to “glorify the entrepreneur” yet, if you had your own businesses to support yourselves you wouldn’t be voting for Trump to protect your jobs.

Q: If you were born after 1945, what part of the western world did you conquer? Show me an itemized receipt of your life accomplishments, because for a group of people who “pride” themselves on: individual rights, individual accomplishments, individual freedoms. You sure do spend a lot of time taking credit for the accomplishments of the collective. Create the western world? WHAT PART DID YOU DIRECTLY CREATE?

Q: Explain to me why you need to digitally panhandle to take a field trip to DC? You’re the “greatest” correct? Shouldn’t you be able to pay your own way?

Q: There are around 340 million people living within the US. What land do you think you will take? Who will build your infrastructure? Who is supplying your resources? Do you think any corporations or companies will be dealing with you? Every company in the world employs non-whites. Give me a structurally and systematic break down of how you will build this ethnic home state.

Do you know what the first thing Socialist dictators have done when they’ve won the revolution?

  1. Cleanse the land of their enemies.
  2. Cleanse the land of the intellectuals.
  3. Cleanse the land of any one else who they deem a threat.

Q: Do you think the Socialist elites will keep you around? You can be replaced by automation and you can be replaced by new immigrants who don’t talk back.

Q: There are around 340 million people living within the US. What land do you think you will take? Who will build your infrastructure? Who is supplying your resources? Do you think any corporations or companies will be dealing with you? Not one company in the world would stay inside a communist country post-revolution. Give me a structurally and systematic break down of how you will build this communist/anarchist home state.

Q: When the patriarchy is smashed and your life is still shit, who are you going to blame?

Q: When white “privilege” is removed and your life is still shit, who are you going to blame?

Q: When America is “great again” and your life is still shit, who are you going to blame?

Q: When the immigrants are removed from the country and your life is still shit, who are you going to blame?

Q: When society becomes a “safe” space and you still get offended by a “micro-aggression,” who are you going to blame?

Q: When the 1% are taxed of every dollar they earn and your life is still shit, who are you going to blame?

Q: When will you take accountably for yourself and your actions?

Q: When will you stop being parasites on the rest of society and do it yourself?

Q: When you “smash the state,” who’s going to protect your new country from invasion? Who’s going to negotiate the trade agreements with foreign countries where your goods are produced? Who’s going to import your food?

Q: When you destroy capitalism and take ownership of the corporations, do you plan on raising the wages of foreign workers? How do you plan on dealing with the massive rate of inflation that will occur when production cost sky rockets?

     You are the lowest common denominator within your life. It’s You/The world. If your life is shit, if everyone is against you, if everyone else takes your opportunities, if everyone is holding you down. Maybe it’s time to look in the mirror. Clean up your own backyard before you go knocking on your neighbors door, because there’s a huge chunk of us within this country who are handling our shit and not being little cry babies about it. We hold up our side of the social contract we signed with our first breath of life. If you are finding it SO hard to handle, even in the tiniest of adult situations, feel free to exit at anytime and let someone else take your spot, because we as a country do not need you. We as a species do not need you. We as a society do not need you. You contribute 0 but expect 100 in return.

1. Blame the elite/capitalist                            
2. Claim that you and only you                        
can solve problems                                      
3. Propose big gov solution (Tax the rich)                            
4. Accomplish nothing  

1. Blame the Left/Washington
2. Claim you and only you can solve problems
3. Propose big gov solution (Build a wall)
4. Accomplish nothing


Cancel Culture

     We ask you: Why does Black America get to be treated with kid gloves and dictate what others say and do, but you don’t extend the same respect to Queer folks or other minority groups? You allowed the hierarchy to be built and now that the chickens are coming home to roost you are crying like little children. You can not allow a select group, regardless of which side you are on, to police what those around them say or you end up with “Cancel Culture.” OR Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.

      Whats the difference between what happened to Don Imus and Kevin Hart? In the 90’s Tipper Gore and C. Delores Tucker launched a campaign to get rock and gangster rap banned. How are their actions any different than cancel culture? Jimmy Snyder got “canceled” in the 80’s and most of you didn’t have a problem with it. Most of you didn’t have a problem with Tipper Gore’s actions. The only reason you are getting upset now is because the censorship you’ve placed on others is now being placed on you. You have no problem shamming people who smoke, wear fedoras, Vape, fart/burp in public, don’t love a movie the same way you do, don’t play the same video games you do, those who are “basic”, who are uncultured, “normies”.

     Make no mistake, both of these sides rely on one another. The cluckers on the right are reliant on the cluckers on the left. They need each other, feed off each other, and most of all profit off it all. Without one, the other can not exist. The leaders of these movements are exploiters and grifters. They are using these “movements” as a cover to con people out of money via donations, book and merch sales. They do not  wish to change the system because, like those in Washington DC, as long as there are problems that they can point to then they can always announce themselves as the fixers, the saviors.  When the problems persist they can just point the finger to the other side and say, “well we tried, but they didn’t allow us”. Just take note of the solutions and talking points among the figure heads in these groups. They project blame, offer no solutions and are thirsty for the next *mic drop* and GOTCHA moment. You know what the problem with *mic drop* and gotcha moments are? Someone has to pick that mic up after it’s dropped. Someone has to move the conversation forward. Someone has to offer up a logical solution for the problems. Someone has to take action other than getting paid to speak the same tired talking points over and over on talk shows.

** If the powers that be cared at all about you or your lively hood, you would never be in the position that you are in currently. The jobs you don’t have? Those were sent off shore by the same people you follow. You’re expendable. Don’t think for a second you will make it into the country club. **

Exercise: Do you have enough cash on hand to support yourself for tens years PLUS a stash of cash to cover the cost of any emergencies that may occur within those ten years? Do you own your home outright? Do you have any debt? No? Congratulations you are part of the working class within America.