Five Nations And Mans Words.

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Question: Do you know the difference between a Christian and an Atheist?

Answer: Nothing. A true believer in Christianity holds absolute belief there “IS”. A true believer in atheism holds absolute belief there “IS NOT”.

     A Christian and an Atheists will argue until they are blue in the face in an attempt to get you to believe exactly what they believe. They have no objective facts to back up their claims. They have no reasoning to convince you other than what they say. It’s their way or the highway. Their truth is just that: their truth. Not objective facts which can be validated by everyone. Just repeating what they were told by “experts” or “the church.” All religions and collective truth becomes dogma. Each true believer will arrive at the last station of belief and rule out all views which attempt to counter or offer a difference to their held beliefs.

Judaism: God-> Adam-> Moses-> Torah-> Synagogs (Rabbis)-> Followers (true believers)

Christianity: God-> Adam-> Jesus-> Bible-> Church (Preachers)->  Followers (true believers)

Islam: God - Adam-> Muhammad-> Quran-> Mosques (Imams)-> Followers (true believers)

Buddhism: Universal energy-> Buddha-> Four Noble Truths-> Temples (Monks)-> Followers (true believers)

Science: Evolution-> Atoms-> Newton-> Academics (Intellectuals)-> Followers (true believers)

  1. Abstract concept/Creator
  2. Leader
  3. Self-appointed group which positions themselves to be the gate keepers, issuer of facts, restricts access to knowledge, demands followers to pay tax/penitence    
  4. Keep power and control
  5. Followers who don’t question the motives, denounce those who do not believe in what they believe, attempt to convert and spread their message far and wide.

     All designed as pyramid schemes with self-appointed leaders dictating thoughts and ideas onto others about how they theorize and hypothesize how our species came to be and what controls and binds this world together. All self-appointed groups claim to be correct and only they are correct: in this house WE BELIVE in science, in GOD WE TRUST, a Mezuzah hung at the entry way to the house, shrines within the home. All self-appointed groups demand that their followers pay a tax to them. All self-appointed groups demand that their followers do good deeds. All self-appointed groups demand that they worship only their God(s). All self-appointed leaders tell their followers that they should not trust anyone other than their own group; some even go so far as to tell their followers to discredit and destroy people who do not worship their God or people who do not follow or join them. Go so far as to condemn and shame those who do not follow the same central figure and structure that they follow. All self-appointed leaders state that if the followers live according to the system they will achieve a positive result (afterlife), if you do not, a negative result (hell). We ask you this: IF no one can show how an atom will act/react, if no one can prove that there is a single being who created this earth/universe, if no one can show that the natural world has a hierarchy where a central figure controls all animals and plant life. Then why do you take the words of these self-appointed humans as facts and proof? That their views and only their views are correct?

     No one has control over you or your actions except yourself. You choose how to react to each situation and each moment in your life: Action (positive/negative) or Non-Action. Based on that reaction, the next moment arises and you choose how to react to that moment and so forth until all those moments compound into a result which is your hour, day, week, month, year and life. You have full control over your destiny, full control over your happiness, full control over the outcome. Positive thoughts create positive moments, positive moments compound into positive hours, which compound into positive days, compound into positive weeks, into positive years, and ultimately a positive and rewarding life.

     If and when you want to break the cycle you were born into, you can. Stop following the words of flawed people and stop worshiping the actions of flawed people. Start worshiping yourself, lift yourself up and in doing so, those around you will also be lifted up. If God created this earth, the plants that surround us, the animals and us, humans, that would mean we all share the same DNA. We are all siblings, we are all a part of God and that would mean you are a God. You are the creator of your world, your reality, your truth and your life. If the tree of knowledge allowed Adam & Eve to know evil and good the same way God did, then we are Gods. So why do you choose to create misery and hell on Earth? Why not choose to build heaven and peace on Earth? Don’t wait for the promise of an after life. START TODAY. You have all that you need inside yourself.

     In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus states, “I am the light that is over all things. I am all: from me all came forth, and to me all attained. Split a piece of wood; I am there. Lift up the stone, and you will find me there." You need not enter into the house built by man to control others to find what you seek. There was one teaching from: Jesus, Moses, Muhammad, Buddah and Newton which was spoken directly from their mouths. All other words, teachings, books, symbols, laws and guides should be rejected. For one to meet God, gain enlightenment and reach heaven; then one must go within and remove all the trappings of the man made world (-ism’s and phobias). The answer lies within you. If you seek it, go inside yourself and when you are ready it will be revealed to you in due time.   

     The enlightened ones all had things in common; the first and most important, being their minds and ability to understand the human condition. The second being that they saw the exploitation and suffering of people and wanted to “free them”. The third being they were all system thinkers rooted in logic and rational. They all acquired knowledge with an undying and unweaving intent, valued it and cherished it. Because knowledge was what gave them the ability to see the issue from every angle and form a system which is balanced and can provide for all. None of them prophesied the future, they didn’t have some mythical powers to move mountains or turn water into wine. They simply understood you have the ability to create moments, to be present in those moments and give those around you exactly what they needed at that moment. They saw people not for the actions they took, but the negative pressures against those people which turned them into what they are. They lived a complete life even from the worst disappointment you can handle. From having no one wanting them at birth (a mother claiming she was a virgin and had no clue she was pregnant? Bruh..), to rejecting the wealth they were born into and live in abject poverty alone under a tree, had everything stolen form them via corrupt centralized powers, lived with endless feelings of being lost and not connected to those around you. All the way to the highest level of love one can receive from others and the highest love one can get from themselves; self-acceptance. Every level of life they lived, they understood humans on the deepest level one can because they understood themselves most of all and what made them happy. That’s the key to life. Just sit down and ask, what would make you happy? Write a list, go on. Do it. I’ll guarantee that a list of true “happiness” will never contain a material item, money, power, or control. But simple rational needs our species must have to survive: clean air, clean water, clean food, shelter, basic clothing (a robe with the perfect drape and a pair of chanclas) and the most important thing of all, positive and rewarding social interactions with the people you value the most. They never spoke of their return, resurrection, rapture or any of that other BS or those false “rules to live by” the center power of the church preaches to keep you under control. All you need is balance, don’t over indulge, know the ledge, don’t seek escape from the problems you face, but sit and analyze them. Find the root of the problems you face, grab your wrotter and pull that fucker out. You have everything you need inside you to overcome them. Trust the process. Do the work. Watch your standard of living rise and in turn you will bring those around you up.

     The binding thread between all these teachings is that people must strive to create positive moments, as that’s the only way to achieve a positive system. Any exploitation or extraction of value from others creates imbalance between people and beings within the system and creates a negative loop. “Treat others how you would like to be treated.” “If this were to happen to me, how would I react?” It’s real fucking simple. Person2person, a “global village” requires everyone in the village to get along or to leave each other alone. Don’t like someone, don’t pay them any mind and go on your way. This planet is GIANT with enough room for all of us. Scarcity is created by those in power to control and pit each of the groups on this earth against each other. You do not need to sacrifice your time, mind or physical abilities for others, you do not need to pay penitence to the organized church, those are houses built by men which preach the word of men, those are not the lord’s house and God does not reside within those houses, God does not reside within those books written by men. God resides within you, within the animals, within the sky and the earth. You do not need a central power to tell you how to treat each other, because you already know how. We must run the world just like we ran our villages in the beginning. Look each other in the eyes, shake hands, and honor thyself, honor thy neighbor like they are you and treat each other like you would want to be treated. Community and family structure with correct morals and values, because the person shaking your hand is you.