Check Your Sacrifice.

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     When our species first began there was no hierarchy among the tribes and groups of roaming humans. The early humans could not afford to have some sit back at the cave and do nothing while others went out and gathered food. When one went out and gathered food, first they fed themselves and if there was any left over they would take it back to the group and share it. The individual is always concerned with themselves first. With the advent of settled tribes, humans created a hierarchy and a story to go along with it that one was beholden to the group for survival. The story of the Tribal Leader who dictated tasks to others, this quickly turned into the king who sat at home, which then turned into the church. Self-appointed “leaders” of the group who did nothing but dictate that altruism is the law of the land, because without altruism their position within the groups quickly dissolves. This structure has persisted for thousands of years with kings, queens, presidents, dictators and as society has become less focused on these types of “leaders”, new “leaders” have emerged as business leaders, celebrities, sports figures, etc. These new figures have been elevated to a level of worship that was formally placed on the royal and the church. Now this type of hierarchy and altruism is being updated and is currently being taught to new generations via the movies and content they consume. The influencers which always have to note the number of followers, views, likes and comments attached to their names when they are announced. The comic book movies which position the ones with the most sacrifice to the leadership roles. Iron man gets 3 movies, Capitan America gets 3 movies, Bucky and Falcon get a streaming show because their “sacrifice (struggle)” wasn’t as large as the others. Now this view has slowly crept into our society. “My grandpa died for that flag” now means, I get to dictate what level of respect this object which holds no actual meaning other than the one we attach to it gets. I was “born and raised” here, so therefore I get a larger say in what happens in this neighborhood. “Back in my day, I had to walk 15 miles in the snow with no shoes uphill just to catch the bus to go to school.” “When I was a kid...”, it’s all a nice cute little game of “I sacrificed more, so I should get more.” An illusion of struggle driven by the industry of altruism.

     You see, the church loves to tell a story about how “Jesus died for your sins.” How he made the sacrifice for you to be a terrible person. As if you get to do all the sins and someone else will pick up the tab. They love to tell a story about how when life gets rough, Jesus picks them up and carries them through the rough times. When life gets rough, Jesus miraculously comes down and selects you to be carried through the hard times, because you can’t handle it on your own. They are trying to install altruism from birth so you become a life long slave to the ones around you. You have to sacrifice your life to the church and “God”, allow them to control and dictate your actions based on their feelings towards an issue. All told within a book that they allege was written by “God”, but in reality was penned by a human, no different than you or I.

     Don’t you find it ironic that only one person got promised entry into heaven in the Bible, and that one person was a thief hanging right next to Jesus when he was crucified? Because out of the 12 who walked with Jesus, 1 of them sold him out, the other 11 were no where to be found when the Romans asked the crowd “is this your King?” The other 11 never had his back. The other 11 never tried to break him free of the Romans when they took him into custody. The other 11 were just there for the good times and when it came time to ride out for Jesus, they were no where to be found. Once he was gone, they emerged out of the shadows and attempted to claim his teachings as their own. They emerged to tell all who would listen that they have the word of God and they are the ones to follow. That’s the true lesson of Jesus. That when it comes down to it, it’s you and you alone who will hang there on the cross. When it comes time to meet your maker, which ever god(s) you choose to worship, when it comes time to put your heart on that scale and weigh it against that feather, it’s you and you alone who will answer for your deeds. It’s you and you alone who will be judged. It’s you and you alone who controls your future. When you look in that mirror, the one looking back at you, is yourself. Not your friends, not white privilege, not the patriarchy, not your teachers, not your parents, not the preacher, no one but you are responsible for where you stand in this world. No one but you controls your fate. No one but you makes the choices for yourself.

     Ones true moral code lies in two simple questions: “if this were to happen to me, how would I feel?” “If that were me, how would I react?”

     If you can’t answer those two questions with a positive reaction then don’t fucking do it. If you can’t understand the stress, the pain, the agony that some of our fellow humans have been living under for centuries then you need to open your eyes, open your ears and pay attention or you are acting willfully ignorant. If that’s the case, you are immoral and not worthy of redemption. Morals are Black and white, right or wrong. The color "gray" does not exist in nature it's a creation of humans, Black or White, Right or Wrong.

     “The Smallest Minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.”