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     Boomers and Millennials grew up with a hyper focus on them (helicopter parents), a false sense of global “order/safety” was shattered by 9/11 and the Gulf of Tonkin. These two incidents sparked a fear of uncertainty. Which led them to grasp for a person who reminded them of their parents or of the “safe times” of their youth. Each group has an ideal of what they think “America” is (JFK/Obama/Nixon/Trump) and each group fails to understand that they don’t understand what’s best for America or the globe, because their scope of thoughts are too narrow (machine/service thinking). The time has come for them to sit down and shush up. The world has had enough of their self-serving ways and YOLO lifestyles. Worrying not of what 2nd, 3rd or 8th impact of the self-serving choices they make, but only that their desires are satisfied at that exact moment. “Insta-satisfaction”, because that’s how they were raised to think. Victims of convenience and a consumer market that covets their money and attention and will go to the ends of the earth to get it. 

     Where as Gen X and a large majority of ethnic Americans grew up in chaos, grew up with disappointment, grew up in the middle of drug epidemics, poverty, out of control gang violence, etc. Their reaction to what’s currently taken place is not outrage or anger. Like Dave Chappell said on his special, “take a lesson from a black person”, because they have been going through it for so long, they see this chaos and understand they have to make the best of it. Because that’s what they’ve always done. Taken the scraps they were given and made something beautiful.