National Identity.

Continued from A1...

     You see, everything in this country is unique to here. The Hamburg steak came from Germany, but that Hamburger is an American invention. Sushi came here from Japan, but that roll covered in teriyaki sauce, spicy mayo and avocado is an American invention. That Chinese food staple General Tso Chicken or Orange Chicken is also an American invention. That overly stuffed busting through the tortilla burrito, isn’t made south of the border, they were invented in the Mission district of SF. All of these things are uniquely American. Much like our core beliefs and values: freedom, liberty, pursuit of happiness. Those values transcend the imaginary borders which bound this country. French food and wine is bound to the french borders. Those bangers and mash are bound to the borders of the UK. Neapolitan pizza is bound to the borders of Italy. Every person in this world can attach themselves to the American Value System.

     If America is truly a melting pot, with every ingredient that has been added, we’ve brought it to a boil. Now it’s time to reduce to a simmer, adjust the seasoning and to really get those flavors to come together.