The End Of The Road.

Continued from A1...

     Covid19 accelerated the decline and showed us the breakdown in the current centralized governments ability to control and handle any issue which may arise. They are too flawed to function and everyone can see it. As the US begins to “reopen” from covid lockdown developing countries which can’t afford to vaccinate their populations will be left behind. As the US begins to ramp up their consumption of goods to pre-pandemic levels the global supply chain will be pushed further to the breaking point. However, the inventory is already depleted due to the shutdown and soon the supply chain will begin to fail. This will push the USD from “inflation” to “hyperinflation” (The USD has been inflated since it was taken off the gold standard). As hyperinflation begins to take over, consumers will no longer be able to afford common goods. This culminated with the Federal Reserve (FEDs) over correction (bailouts), due to covid, will create a deflationary spiral. When this happens the financial markets will be gutted and the real estate market, stocks and commodities will crash and create a global depression. The US consumer market is holding up the rest of the world. As US consumption goes down, it will begin to drag the developing countries which produce the goods that we consume down with it. This will trigger a depression that will make 1929 and 2007 look-like child’s play. Centralized government and production will show that it can not sustain a global network and the world will shift from globalization to localization. Acid Capitalism is born.

     By the time the collapse is finished, Financial Technology (FinTech) companies will have already pushed the FEDs and world banks out of the financial market with a move to a stable coin or token which will be a 1:1 (USD). Meaning all government backed currency is removed from the market. Cryptocurrency is on the rise, but with 90% of USD already digital and 93% of world currency also digital, aren’t we already a crypto-economy? This is an easy adaption since FinTech (PayPal, Venmo, Square, etc) already handle a majority of transactions and payments digitally. Has anyone ever paid Netflix, Amazon, Uber or Grubhub with psychical hard cash? Coinbase or any similar app will become the new decentralized Wall Street. Companies will be buying back their stocks and go private. The new “stocks” will be tokens on blockchains issued directly by corporations and sold direct to investors. The commodities market will add crypto (Bitcoin, ETC and LTC) and they will become the new gold, silver and oil. All other crypto currency will be rejected over time as stores of value. BTC/ETC/LTC is too confusing for the mainstream consumer. Do you really think a middle American house wife will be able to explain that her new shoes cost her .0920739737748 BTC?

     Data will be treated as a commodity that users can license and sell to companies. Creating a passive income stream for all citizens. Each citizen will be able to attain a Digital Publishers Identification number (DPIN), which they will use to license their data and prove ownership over any content which they publish to social media platforms. Restoring trust online and providing users with the ability to make sure accounts are not bots, deep fake or trolls.

     During the upcoming depression, food instability will take place for two to three years meanwhile local farmers will revert and restore their lands from industrial farming to biodiversity farms. Restoring local habitats and reducing global warming in the process. Vertical and hydroponic farming will be able to produce any crops that the local farmers can not. The food instability impact will be widespread, but this is also the reason the US stockpiles grain and oil. If we can keep grain crops, basic cooking supplies, and factories going while we pivot to a new system, the wide spread effects within North America will be minimized.

     The future is a decentralized world ran on blockchains, 100% transparency and held together, when needed, by the “Internet Of Things” (IOT). All powered by renewable energy and allowing citizens to move freely throughout the globe. Cities will reduce in size with a mix of digital nomads and the few families who choose to stay. “The Global Village” will take its final form and local communities will be restored. In short, by 2040-2050 we should emerge from the current transition from the Machine Age to The Systems Age. This will be the closest thing to a democratic “utopia” humanity will be able to sustain. Each citizen will be able to be a sovereign state holding no more power or control over one another. The need for a centralized government will disappear and the global elite will no longer exist. The cost of living will be near zero and each citizen will be responsible for themselves. Each citizen will be able to determine on their own freewill how much they want to contribute to society and earn according to their contributions. This is ACID CAPITALISM.