ACID Capitalism.

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      You want America to be ran like a business!? Well guess what, America is a Macy’s department store in an Amazon world! Every year for the last 50 years or so, we have been downsizing the middle management and exporting production while the elites continue to consolidate power and wealth. If America is a business, who are its shareholders? The taxpayers!!! It doesn’t feel as though it’s been treating y’all properly. It doesn’t seem that the taxpayers have been getting paid their dividends. It feels to us like you have been overworked, underpaid and some of you are on the verge of being made redundant. Therein lies the problem because America is not a business. America is a system and the economy is the machine. The American system, like the roadways and bridges that connect it, have been ignored, abused and have begin to crumble. The American Machine has been driving down the highway for the last fifty years with the check engine light on. About forty years ago, it started making a weird pinging noise from under the hood. Twenty years ago, it nearly died out, but we caught a slight down hill from Alan Greenspan’s neat little tricks. Now the gas light has come on and smoke is pillowing out of the hood....annnnd we just hit a pothole. If we pull over now, maybe we can salvage it, but if we keep going like this we’ll be stuck on the side of the road hoping to get at least one bar of service on our smartphones to call the Chinese tow truck driver to come save us. Just so they can take us over to the mechanic that only fixes Moskvitch.

We believe that the government should:

1. Be as large as it needs to be to defend against enemies foreign and domestic.
2. The government should correctly regulate a free and open market for all citizens to access.
3. Supply the citizens with the necessary skills and base level living to be competitive within the free market.
4. That the system of government and the economic machine need to be treated as two separate entities. While separate they must feed into each other to create a stable and thriving country.

     It is 2021, we can not rationally understand based on the objective facts at hand how a “first world/developed” country still does not have a standard level of living. How our country is still bickering about problems and issues that should have been solved over 50 years ago. We purpose that it is time to establish a Bill Of Rights 2.0.

What does a human need to survive the in natural world?

1. Shelter - A base level micro-apartment, anything else and the citizen has to earn it themselves.
2. Health - Clean food, Clean water, free and easy access to mental and psychical health services. 
3. Education - higher education and/or technical college (to be updated based on the requirements of the current job market).
4. Broadband - Many jobs today require a worker to use an app while working or have reliable and speedy access to the internet, The internet is now a "must have".
5. Transport - A public option which is reliable, affordable and clean.
6. Infrastructure - Roads, highway and bridges.