Current World System.

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The Industrial Revolution: 1400s-1820s; centralized power and production within the hands of a few.
The (Radio wave) Revolution will not be televised: 1880s-?; decentralized power back into the hands of the individual.



Inventors-> Seekers of knowledge, valued, discovered, invented, system
                     thinkers, polyvalent. Studied all that came before and attempted to
                     correct the failures *100% fail rate when humans are in control.

Innovators-> Took what was before them and began building a central system of
                        control. Driven by power over others.

Manufactures-> Turned human minds into “machines” and single function       
                           objectives. Linear thought.

Service (currently) -> Takes everything at face value. Abundance of knowledge
                                     yet doesn’t look deeper of give more thought:  Boomers
                                    or Millennial, Liberal or Conservative, Joe or Carole, BLM   
                                    or ALM, In&out or Shake Shack, W$B or hedge funds,
                                    insiders or outsiders.

Automated -> Nuanced thought, open source due diligence, a return to polyvalent society. (GenZ->forward). History doesn’t repeat itself, but systems do. History is just that, a story. If history were objective fact there would be no Mandela Effect, because there would be a single correct recorded text that could never be changed.

Solution: An objective history based solely on facts recorded on a blockchain for all to access (not Wikipedia). We must write an objective history based on archeological findings alone. I.E. There are no indigenous people within America. First settlers arrived from Eastern Asia around 16-14,500 BCE. America, as a land, was wide open with no tribes, states, nations or people and no ownership.

-Aboriginals arrived and established nations.
-Europeans invaded those nations with a covert and aggressive war.
-The Aboriginals lost and were kept as war criminals inside POW camps.
-Terrorist/separatist launched a war against the crown (US Revolution, 1st civil war).
-The crown lost, a new country was founded: America
-Flawed from the start as it didn’t give each human the promise of freedom and equality.
-Separatist launched a 2nd Civil war and attempted to take the southern land mass but lost.
-A soft civil war has been taking place since, with spats of localized violence which recently turned national. (Tulsa Race Riots, KKK, Black Panthers, BLM, etc.)
-Currently entering into a Reformation/Rebuilding term to reach our manifest destiny and give every person on earth: life, liberty, freedom, knowledge, independence, and an open path for them to achieve their happiness.

** Fill in the blanks yourself. If it’s spoon fed or handed to you, you won’t value it. Do the leg work. We are not historians. **

** Note: We omitted the first half of human history, because while the effects do still influence our society, you can research that yourself if you want to learn it **