Continued from A1...

     Place your hands in front of you and make the shape of a box. The box is filled with air (emptiness).

     Breath all the air out of your lungs until they “collapse.” Empty, holding no form. Now inhale the air from the box in front of you. Emptiness creates form. Now exhale. Form creates emptiness.

     Go beyond that a step. What is causing your lungs to pull in air? Electronic signals from your mind. Your mind is the central unit for all aspects of your being. It controls every bodily function. It interprets every sensory input. Your mind is the center of your universe. Your universe is only as big as the mind in which contains it. Small view means small universe. In a small universe it is easy to let your ego control your mind and trap you in a cycle of suffering. In a small universe it is easy to dismiss an object or an item you deem to be not worth your time. In a big mind the universe is vast and filled with elements which your mind can never uncover due to your mind never observing these moments. You can observe moments directly or vicariously via your mind or someone else’s recounting. In a big universe you can see the interconnected links between the world(s) and universe(s) in which we inhabit. Small ego, big universe. - Be careful and always be aware to take into account another’s recounting of their observations and be externally mindful that your own ego can cloud your mind’s view. So, believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see and always attempt to break down your own belief(s) of the things you saw.

     Now that your ego is in check, and we can see that the universe is filled with an unlimited amount of observations we will never witness or even be able to comprehend, let’s pretend you walk into a cafe. When you take your first step, who enters the room? — If you answer was rooted in ego, or begins with “I” then you must return to go and do not collect $200. One must understand that in every interaction they have, they are something different to every person. The guy standing over there, you mean the one with the orange shirt? No, the other guy. Oh, the one in the red shirt? No the guy with the tank top. Oh him. No not him, the one over there. - You can spend your life building your ego and rattling off statements about “I am…” but the only concept you are, is in the moment you stand in front of another person, because it takes another person to observe us and apply a label at that moment too. Once that moment is passed and gone, so is the label. All things are impermanent, all things are an illusion of ego, an illusion of conscience and an illusion of self-constructed suffering.