Law & Order (2A).

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     In the 2020 election the military issued a statement stating that the transfer of power WILL take place as peaceful as it has always been done. If the military is a separate entity that operates and conducts itself independently from the executive branch, then the military IS the well trained militia that is spoken about within the second amendment. Do you honestly think a group of average citizens will be able to over throw a government which possess the ability to hit a target the size of a dime with a drone flown 10,000 feet above that target? Do you honestly think that a government which controls the supply of food, water, power and money will be over thrown by a group of average citizens who meet in the woods and run around LARP’n a few weekends out of the year? For all intents and purposes, the government will not be over thrown. Your pseudo-militia will perish at their will and rot in prison after your attempt.

     Let’s be honest about why the average citizen feels they need to arm themselves: crime, poverty and the drumming of fear which the media creates on a non-stop basis. What drives crime? Lack of opportunity. You think these kids want to be out robbing and dealing drugs? No, they are forced to because they don’t have any other options. “Either you slanging crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot.” In order to eliminate crime, we need to retool the system to produce opportunities for them. If crime is reduced to zero then this fallacy about how “I need a firearm to protect my family” will be shattered. In all honesty, the majority of you cower in the face of danger and end up a victim either way.

Law & Order

     There is no such thing as a “victimless crime,” if there were no victim, there would be no crime. Citizens may not know they are victims because they receive no immediate threat to their safety.

Example 1: Shoplifting. If an item is shoplifted then the store owner is forced to raise prices on other items to cover the loss, therefor every person who shops at that store is a victim.

Example 2: Purchasing of illegal narcotics. While on the surface there is no visible victim because it is two consenting adults. The drugs purchased creates many victims along the way. From the people being exploited to produce the drugs, the smugglers who are entrapped by the Narcos to smuggle them, the families of the drug users and the victims that the users stole from to fund their purchases. To the residents of the neighborhoods who have to endure homelessness, public intoxication or any other indiscretions which may take place surrounding that drug purchase.

Example 3: Public urination. When a citizen urinates in public it creates a strong stench for all future citizens who walk pass that location. Which can lead to a loss in business, property values and civic pride for that area. As well as people driving by may be forced to see the genitalia of the citizen who is urinating. The pedestrian or passer by are then victims of sexual assault, even though it may not register to them in that moment. It is no different than a man exposing himself to a women within a private setting without consent.

     All misdemeanor crimes will be reclassified as Felony Offensives. All felonies will carry a minimum of 10 years imprisonment.

     With the advancement of automated cars there will be no traffic citations. There will be no parking tickets. There will be no accidents.

     With the new education system, economic system and social security there will be no reason for property crimes, gangs or any of the other plagues which currently put citizens and their property at risk.

     They say there is no such thing as a free lunch because someone always has to pay, either today, tomorrow, next week or a year from now the bill comes due. So, if there is no such thing as a free lunch, how would there be a forgivable sin, victimless or unpunishable crime? Sooner or later the toll comes due.