Global Warming.

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    Let’s be blunt: starting another brand and claiming it’s “sustainable” isn’t sustainable. Sustainability means stop producing more crap. Stop over producing shirts, pants, candles or whatever good you think the market needs. The market is already saturated with plenty of goods and you’re only adding to the problem by depleting resources to create another brand/product no one asked for.

     Whether you like it or not the environment is changing. EV’s and renewables are happening. Many states, countries and companies have already announced they will shift to EV’s and renewables, you have no control over it. What you do have is control over your reactions. Let’s use California as an example. By 2035 CA has said they will ban all gas vehicles. What does that mean for you? Well, currently there are 15.1 million autos within California and that number will continue to grow over the next 15 years. That means that 15.1 charging stations will need to be installed. There are currently around 14 million housing units within California. That means 14 million charging stations will need to be installed inside those homes. Not only for autos but for appliances and utilities. The market is wide open for you to step up and lock down contracts to begin installing these units. The grid around these units will need to be retrofitted, public lots will need charging stations and all gas stations will need to be updated. The industry will grow. Now you take that and apply it to every state, every country and you have a Renewable Gold Rush of new companies and services popping up around this industry. Instead of sitting on your ass calling it a hoax, get into what ever you need to get into and position yourself within the market place to secure a future for your families.

Proposal: New Homestead Act

     Set a basic unit of housing not to exceed 750sq ft. Includes solar power, kitchen, bathroom and somewhere between .5-1 acre of land. These kits can be DIY and similar to the housing kits Sears sold between 1908-1939, via mail order or they can be a combination of 3D printed and finished using building suppliers from a local hardware store.

     New Cities: Based on the science predictions of sea level rising and climates becoming too hospitable for humans, we will have to construct new cities within areas that allow humans to live. We can study the predictions and start to raise new cities within the interiors of the country. This will not only help with global warming, but it will allow citizens to disperse through out the country and bring housing costs within large urban areas down. That is not including the millions in South America who will have to flea north due to the impact of global warming.

     Lucky for us that the government is shit and has allowed many midwest and 2nd tier cities to rot and crumble away. We believe that Detroit is the perfect test ground for the American city of the 21st century. The infrastructure is already built, the houses are gone and it’s wide open for redevelopment. We can source the worlds greatest architects to redesign cities based on current demands of modern life, be ecological and cost effective. (S/o to Trick Trick, Goon Sqwad and all the folks who have held tight in Detroit, we got y’all. There will be a space for those of you in the new Detroit. You have our word on it.)

** Note: Sears sold DIY housing kits between 1908-1939. The homes would arrive with everything the new owner needed. With around 400 different model kits available to choose from. Many of which are still standing today. There is a handful of companies currently exploring this same concept for housing. We need to utilize them and help that industry grow **