Life Is A Beach.

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     Many hear this idiom and think of the great days under the sun with their family and friends, but they do not expand beyond the superficial layer. The beach can also have rain, it has thunder; the water is angry, choppy and loud at times; more often than you think, it has marine layer; it can be overcrowded and stressful on summer days; calm, soothing, empty and peaceful on the off seasons; it has taken lives but also gave new meaning to life.

The beach consists of 3 things.

a. Sand: an uncountable amount of grains combined to make the sand.

b. Atmosphere: uncountable amounts of O2 join together to make the air. The sun heats the water, water vaporizes into the air, becomes a cloud, rains and falls back to the beach, returns to the water.

c. Water: uncountable amounts of tiny drops of water. Drops->water->wave->crashes against the shore->foam and white wash-> water. The cycle continues. No single drop has any more control than the others.

     These three things are in continual chaos attempting to create a balance. No part with more power or control than the other. The shore (The Omega), the water (The Alpha), and the atmosphere (The Holy Ghost). Water will always return to where it came from. Whether it be vapor, cloud, rain drop, wave or morning dew. It’s always a form of water. The air is always the air and the sand will always settle to the bottom or return to the shore. All things return to which they came. The system’s cycle is perpetually flowing.

     Life is a beach? Well the beach is a constant state of chaos. It can be loud and violent as the waves of the storm crash against the shoreline. The tide can come high and make the shore seemingly disappear. The tide can regress and elongate the shore. It can be sunny and perfect. It can be over cast and lifelessly gray . Not one entity within the system of the beach has control. The perfect harmonious balance which creates the days we humans all love so much are fleeting as the marine layer rolls in, the weather shifts and the beach becomes less than perfect in the eyes of humans.

     We are the only species on this planet with cognitive thought, the only species which can commit suicide, enslave, exploit, invent and control the system of the world. We are no longer part of the beach. We are no longer part of nature. Everything we rely on is manmade. Every part of the human world (the virtual world) is a system designed by a human. A concept designed by a human. A space designed by a human. Words created by a human. Numbers and figures created by humans. Technology created by a human. Human civilization is not part of the natural world, which means that we do not need to run humanity like the natural world. With the natural order of things and a pseudo “alpha” male at the end of the table. We do not need to treat everything with a scarcity holding and hoarding material items as a store of value or like a pyramid with one central figure (Church, President, King, Celebrity, Social Media Personality, etc) at the top to be worshipped. This is why the Founding Fathers wanted a separation of Church (natural world) and State (Human System). We can balance the human system to be more of a natural system. If done correctly, and ran autonomously, we can create a fluid societal structure based on: liberty, freedom, individual rights, sole ownership of what one thinks and builds themselves and the ability to profit off of those goods/services directly. P2P with no centralized banks, governments, corporations. Decentralized micro and mid-sized cities dotted across the globe connected by the IoT and held accountable by blockchain as a ledger: 100% transparency. Each individual acting as their own government, bank, and legal counsel ruled by the same basic principles of humanity: equal rights, justice, liberty and the freedom to create your happiness with the tools at hand or P2P open-source collaborations. Each city containing automated manufacturing plants and 3D printing plants where every person can produce any good they may need, operating 24h a day powered by renewable energy and any product plans assessable via smart contracts on the blockchain. All goods produced within 20 miles where they are used and consumed. A localized hydroponic/indoor grow house to produce all the food the city may require. A self-contained and 100% self-sufficient cities, brining the cost of living to near zero: No human labor= no production cost= low cost of living. Eliminate the scarcity of goods and services and produce an abundance of food. It’s time to give humans back their free time and minds to seek knowledge, invent and innovate. A perfect balance between the simplified old world style living with all the modern amenities and technology to power it. As close to utopia as we can get.