Media Types & Development.

Continued from A1...

Mediums: All forms of media.
Cold: Makes the viewer think (active).
Warm: Thinks for the viewer (passive).
Mixed: Largest impact by triggering both active/passive. Visuals trigger the passive mind and shut down logical thought. Text triggers the active part of the brain and  makes a direct 1:1 connection to the viewer. A sort of schizophrenic mind state or  rather cognitive failure. Which is why currently we see so many logical breakdowns and cognitive dissonance. I.e anti-fascist using fascist tactics
OR fascist claiming they are defending democracy while practicing fascism.

Print(cold): Handwritten
                    Printing Press
                    At home printers
Radio(cold): Few major broadcasters
                     produced by corporations (Major->local stations)
                     P2P decentralized (Spotify)
TV(mixed): Few broadcasters (rare)
                   Produce by corporations (big 3->direct TV)
                   P2P decentralized (twitch/YouTube)

TV can contain visuals alone, audio alone, text alone or a combo of all three. Commercials, sitcoms, movies and other content all contain varying degrees of all mediums: Title/credit sequences (text) Audio and visual.

Billboards(cold): Hand painted on side of building
                             Billboard (mass billboards)
                             P2P (garage sale signs, pull tab flyers)

Internet (mixed): Few sites (yahoo/aol/Alta vista/personal sites)
                             Centralized (Big Tech)
                             P2P RSS/blockchain

Media Content: Produced by centrally controlled companies and consumed by viewers. 
                            Consumer as content (talk radio/morning shows, reality TV, talk shows, Social media) 
                             P2P (uploaded and consumed via RSS feed or bought direct  from artist/producer *social media/soundcloud/etc do not count as P2P
                             as they require the creator to upload the content to a centrally controlled medium)