System Development.

Continued from A1...


A Three-Age System: 1. scarce 2. centralized 3. decentralized.

Species: Roaming tribes (aboriginals/freedom)

                Cities (centralized control/Servitude)

                Digital nomads (self governance/freedom)


Start: Large objects (first radios, big box TVs, PC computers), sits in your house

          and waits. You sit in front of media and actively engage/consume.

          Production is centrally controlled (ABC, NBC, CBS, etc.).

Middle: Medium objects (car radio, boom box, Plasma TVs).

              Production is open to many companies (Cable tv, local radio, etc.).

Finish: Small enough to be hand held and everyone has it constantly “ON.”

             Becomes background noise.

             Production is anyone can produce any content, any time.


Internet: Dial up (desktop)

               Broadband (Laptop)

               Wifi. (Smart Device)

Goods and services: Hand made (high cost)

                                   Centralized production (medium cost)

                                   Automated and produced anywhere (cheap)

Education: Rare (high cost)

                   Centrally controlled (medium cost)

                   Decentralized (low cost)

Humanity: Tribes (roaming)

                  Centralized government (centralized cities)

                  Decentralized society (dispersed but connected) 

Every system follows the same 3 age development.

1. Rare

2. Centrally controlled

3. Decentralized.


     By looking at our species and our societies as a "medium" which develops in a similar way to other forms of media and technology we can chart a path forward and prepare for the future.