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     Western Society is structured the same way the church is: God, self appointed leader group-> followers. In the case of race, it’s: White people at the top, black at the bottom and everyone else somewhere between on various tiered levels. White->Asian->Arab/Latin/Aboriginal->Black. Now the problem is that some of the white folks are getting passed and they are having to confront the truth that they are not all that special. This is causing them to lash out similar in a way to how they stormed into Tulsa in 1921 and committed a massacre of the cities black folks. Now, almost 100 years later, black people are getting money from hip-hop, sports and lifting themselves up, while some white folks get all huffy and puffy again, lashing out and attempting to reposition themselves at the top of the pyramid.   

White people: our great grandparents came here on the Mayflower. 

Europeans: our great grandparents came here after the turn of the century.

Jewish: our great grandparents came here to escape the Nazis during WW2.

Asians: our great grandparents came here after 1965 to escape the Vietnam war and the rise of Communism.

Latins: our great grandparents came here to build a better life.

Aboriginal Americans: our nations were invaded by your grandparents, murdered during the war, forced into Prisoner Of War Camps and have been stuck there ever since.

Black Americans: Our grandparents were hunted down, trapped, chained up, shoved into ships, sold, chained, beaten, raped, labeled at 3/5th a human, stripped of their identity and humanity, heritage and culture. Given the table scraps that their owners deemed inedible and forced to make food from it. Denied mobility both economically and socially via Jim Crow laws and red lining, told they were free only to be arrested and forced to work the same fields they were just freed from. Served daily reminders that they were never really welcomed here to begin with, seeing honored statues and flags from a horrible past.

     The majority or racism in America can be summed up within a single sentence: white people fighting with other white people over what to do with the colored people.

     We feel as there is a lot of white Americans that treat black Americans the same as they treat their pets. Some of you rub their noses in their piddle as punishment, smack their behinds as punishment, told them they can come inside but not allowed on the furniture or rather “you can protest, but can’t protest like that”. Then some of you run around telling people how you’re “pet parents,” posting black squares to show you’re an animal lover, gentrifying their neighborhoods and then putting up signs in your windows and yards proclaiming, “in this house we believe Black Lives Matter” wanting to hear the approval when you say “I adopted them from the shelter.” Self-congratulating yourself for your “woke-ness”, when the rest of us can see through your bullshit white savior complex. Nearly every race has been allowed to assimilate into America after a period of discrimination, but black people are 400 plus years later just trying to be accepted once and for all, so they can start building themselves up and their communities from the inside without all of you continuing to control them.

     Let’s start this conversation: Who does black America want to be within this country? Do you feel like you belong here or does this just feel like a prison you are stuck in? If given the chance, would you want to leave this country? What exactly does black America have to do to finally get the respect and acceptance from white America, and is it even possible?