The Truth.

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Question: If someone prefaces a statement with “to be honest” does that mean everything they’ve told you up until that point has been a lie?

     Remember you only have to brush against an irrational fear to produce a result. 90% truth gets you 100% belief if you sound convincing, throwing out stats always helps because “if they know the stats they must be knowledgeable”. Yes all sides claim to be speaking “truth”. They are speaking THEIR truth and they are entitled to their truth BUT they aren’t entitled to their own FACTS. And yes all sides claim they are “rational” but that’s because they are speaking their “truth” based on their experience, based on how they see it. The New York Times says they “print all the news that’s fit to print”. But who are they to decide what’s fit to print? Who are they to decide what’s worthy or being printed and what’s not? The church validates the Gospel Of Matthew but not the Gospel of Thomas. Even though the Gospel Of Thomas is carbon dated to the same time as the gospel of Matthew.

     Now the TRUTH of the matter is: Pentagon papers (Vietnam), watergate, Ford pardoning Nixon, Hoover’s FBI, Kennedy’s Assassination, MLK assassination, Iran-contra, “I did not have sexual relations with that women”; if the president is lying about a blowjob what else is he lying about?...Ruby Ridge, Waco, WMDs; you know the gov invented AIDs in the Congo of Africa and it jumped form monkeys to humans; Area 51, moon landing is fake, Bermuda triangle, Sasquatch sightings, maybe this year they’ll finally find Amelia Earhart's plane, they knew about 9/11, they said wine was bad for you but now they say a glass a day is actually healthy, butter is bad for you but now it’s just because it’s not organic, chem trails, crop dusters, acid rain, aerosol cans cause the Ozone to deplete but now it’s actually plastic straws that are causing the turtles to choke, doctors told me this new pill is actually better at controlling pain it’s time released so I only have to take it once a day. It’s called OxyContin but our cousin over there got on it and now he’s living out his car addicted to heroin. Scientist used to say they could tell how intelligent someone is by the size of their skull; larger skull means bigger brain and bigger is always better. Paul Bunyan pulled a groundhog out of the ground under an apple tree planted by Jonny Appleseed, it didn’t see its shadow so now we have to bundle up for 6 more weeks. And we for sure can smell a fart through a shirt so I’m not sure what it will do to stop a deadly virus. They say it’s only going to be 21 days to flatten the curve but now it’s nearing a year and a half and we haven’t reached heard immunity, they say that’s what we need to end this thing but they just pulled one of the Vaccines because it causes blood clots we saw on ALL the platforms. We heard it’s not Wheatgrass anymore, now it’s Turmeric and smart water is actually better for you because they added some oxygen back into it and higher oxygen count means smarter. Maybe we’ll get as smart as our other cousin he answers like 1/3 of the jeopardy questions correct 50% of the time and he gets all the jokes on Rick & Morty… But he’s kinda a dick because he lives in the city and drives one of those electric cars. We saw on that one social media app that the guy who came up with those electrical cars is trying to put microchips into lizard brains, not sure why you’d want to do that. But we didn’t actually read the article because they wanted us to give them our email but we still reposted and commented on it cause you know if you don’t comment or post people will forget you exist; yeah we would quit those sites but everyone is on it so you are forced into using it. So it’s more of a lesser of two evils type thing. Maybe some day a 3rd party will come along and change things but idk we just feel like voting 3rd party is REALLY throwing your vote away and if you don’t vote you can’t complain. And they always told us “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” And fuck all if we don’t love sitting around complaining about what’s on the TV instead of changing the channel because the remote is all the way over on the other side of the couch. Yep, the beast sure does slouch towards Bethlehem. You know Eve convinced Adam to taste the Apple and it’s been down hill from there. The Evangelicals are one of the biggest voting blocks in the US and they voted for Trump. Judes betrayed Jesus and the Jews control the media. The Media invented Trump. Trump moved the US embassy to Jerusalem and forced the UAE and other Arab nations to normalize ties with Israel. So if the Jews worship Satan and control the media and the media made Trump would that make Trump the false-profit? The book of revelations says that the beast will rise from the north and help the dragon rise from the sea to rule as the false profit and Facebook was created in the bedroom of a Harvard dorm, Harvard is North of D.C., Trump rose to power from New York City, New York is surrounded by rivers which lead to the ocean. If Trump is the false-profit then his followers would be the army of the beast and that would mean this is the tribulations and scripture saying that when Christ returns a tongue as sharp as a double blade will emerge from his mouth because the facts are what he shall speak. So those with ears better listen and those with eyes better not turn their heads: Any one who seeks power or control over another will not pass judgement. You don’t get to choose who Jesus is. So what if he comes back a shade similar to Charlie Murphy and winning more than Charley Sheen? Would you reject him, her or they? The one you’ve been lecturing others about your entire life turns out to be someone who you’ve cast into sin based on the teachings of your church? The first shall be last and the last shall be first. All those with ears better listen and all those with eyes better not turn their heads.

     If 100% of your truth only contains 10% of the facts and you can convince 80% of the people to believe 90% of what you say how many true believers will follow you off the cliff? The Fact is the truth is only what you can convince someone else is plausible. You can bend the truth but you can’t bend the FACTS. They are universal.

     The truth like propaganda is only as good as the morals behind the one who’s speaking it. The facts don’t matter who’s behind them or who’s in front of them. The facts don’t matter who’s to the left or who’s to the right.