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     One has the option to indulge in thoughts or to ignore all thoughts. Meditation is hyper-thought. Presence in the moment is the ignoring of thoughts. By removing all aspects of the world for an amount of time, one can settle their mind and ignore the thoughts which arise like a text alert, or one can choose to pick up the phone at every notification and sink into a distracted mind.

     Courage. What is courage? Are courage and rage the same? Does rage have to be present for courage to take place? Why is rage bad, but courage is good? Who decides what is rage versus what is courage? If two groups are witnessing one event, can one side view courage while the other side views rage? If rage is the root of courage, can courage ever be viewed as a good thing? What is a good thing? What decided what is good or bad? Do good and bad exists in nature? If a tiger is at lay in a field, is he not a killer? If that same tiger has the arising of hunger and they attack a human, but the human defends and wins the battle, does that human not view the tiger’s act as rage but their own act of defense as courage? If a 3rd party is there and says, “tigers are killers, what did you expect?” Is that heartless, or is that a person stating a reality? What is reality? Are you experiencing reality as it happens or you constructing reality as you go? What is the bases of reality? Who decided to call it reality? Is reality just a word we made up to help our minds cope with the reality that we will never truly know anything? Did I just use reality after stating that reality is an illusion? What’s an illusion? Are thoughts of the past and the future not an illusion if those thoughts fail to materialize? What is knowing? If the universe is forever changing, can we really know? What is changing? How does one measure change? What is measure? Are the labels we use to denote measure correct? How can some use metric and others US standard? What is an inch? Who decided what an inch is? What is there, only 6 inches in a foot? How can a foot be an aprox and a fixed unit of measure? “About a foot?” Do we base a foot upon the unit of measure or the distance between the first things we measured? Did someone point at an object and then another object to the side of it and say, “that distance between those objects will be called a foot. Go lay a stick next to it, cut it to size and use that from now on?” How do these things we modern humans use to measure distance become fixed? Are they fixed at all? In 20 years will they change? What is change? What is years? What is 20? How far down this rabbit hole are you ready to go? Does a rabbit hole signify a reality, or is the rabbit hole and the illusion that going down it a construct to make the viewer think they have to go into a dark place to discover a reality? Why are humans obsessed with the dark? Does light represent the ability for us to see clearly and remove the dangers for our physical well being, giving us the illusion of safety so we view light as good but dark as bad? How did this view of light and dark come into play when different skin tones converge, lending the lighter of our species to assume they were “holy” or “closer to God/good” and those with darker skin as “closer to evil/dark?” When a white Christian, a black Christian and a brown atheists meet, will the white and black bond over Christianity and excluded and punish the atheists even though their skin tone falls between the light and dark? At what point does a inanimate belief overcome the differences in skin tone? At what point do we just shrug and begin to realize that our species, our plant, our lives are just a byproduct of some cosmic luck? 

Courage. What is courage?