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Does art imitate life or does life imitate art.

     Existence came first, therefore art imitates life. Our society is obsessed with reality. We’ve pushed art into “reality,” realism, photography, high-def TV, reality TV, social media, “wow you can’t even notice the digital effects.” We are so obsessed with the “real,” that we are currently creating digital versions of ourselves for the Metaverse and ending with VR. We aren’t in a simulation, we are currently constructing the simulation. Social media strips us down to the bare basis of who we are. The first years of social media can be compared to the first years of humanity. Tribalism,  science vs anti-science, snake oil salesman, false prophets all take center stage as we watch the history of humanity play out on high-res screens.

     Are we all in God mode now? Do we all get to stand back and watch as our creation plays itself out to see what the final form will be? If so, where in the timeline are we currently?

     So, does art still imitate life or has life become art? Are we all now performers on the global stage? The crowds faces no longer hidden in the darkness of the theater and the blinding glare of the stage lights pointed at the actors. They’ve been removed all together and replaced with a forward facing camera. The flowers thrown onto the stage after the nights performance now replaced by notifications.


  1. Does art imitate life or does life imitate art? Existence came first and art is a creation of humanity, so art imitates life. Art is an illusion and not real. While there may be metaphysical lessons and references contained within that art, it ultimately doesn’t matter because it is an illusion, created by humans for the entertainment of others and to show others insights the creator has.
  2. The prophecy that Morpheus tells Neo states “where the matrix was created there was a human born into it who had the ability to control the matrix.” At the end of the 3rd matrix, we see the Architect (father), Oracle (Holy Ghost), and the little girl (The One) standing. The Matrix movie is not about Jesus or salvation of humanity. The Matrix is about the Wachowski siblings transition from “men” to “women.” The only “real” person in the matrix is Neo, all other characters are projections of Neo’s inner self. Smith is the antithesis to Neo, but wants the same thing, to escape the matrix. Trinity has to come to terms with her love for Neo and doesn’t confess it to him until after he dies. While Neo has the choice to make, choose his love for Trinity and don’t let her die or return to the source. By interacting with each projection and ultimately overcoming the struggle with each. The Architect informs Neo that he has not been able to create a matrix because he could not understand the feelings of love (sacrifice). Neo, the 6th, learns both of these traits. Reaching true love for self and seeing above the clouds to gain enlightenment. Then returning to the darkness of the matrix and destroying the antithesis in the final act of total knowledge of self. This results in a reboot of the matrix to emerge as a child full of wonderment and love, void of the shame society has installed in you to paint a beautiful sunrise. Except this time it’s a girl because the matrix is a story about the Wachowski siblings becoming their true-selves.
  3. The Matrix is a modern telling of the Book of Revelations with many biblical references throughout the movie. One can find many ways to interpret the religious references and philosophical points contained within the movies.

     The first is used to show the logical explanation of The Matrix films (Architect’s lens). The second is used to show the emotional and hopeful explanation of The Matrix films (Oracle lens). The third is used to show the confusion the films caused (Neo lens). The matrix is about balance, the father (logic), the son (confusion) and the Holy Ghost (hope). Balance between the three creates peace within. The matrix is a representation of the human mind and how to gain inner knowledge, self love and peace within. 

The reality is the matrix is just a story and only means what you believe it to mean. Much like human life, a narrative which one chooses to hold and allow control over their lives.