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Jesus didn’t have “lost years.”

     The New Testament omits the years Jesus spent studying and traveling through India studying Hindu, Buddhism and learning from various other yogi, spiritual teachers, meditation techniques and living in poverty, among the thieves and outcasts of society. Jesus was a philosopher. Jesus was not a prophet, son of God, or ever claimed to be the son of God. Jesus after 18 years of traveling, studying, and living in poverty being judged as an outcast and reject, returned and was baptized. During this baptism Jesus has a moment of non-duel awaking. The same moment Siddhattha had while sitting under the bodhi tree. The organization of the church and Bible omit these years because when included they contradict the teachings of the Bible as Jesus being a demigod (son of God, but born to a mortal woman). Jesus was not the son of God, but yet, an enlightened philosopher who reached an understanding of this world via deep meditation, study and constant questioning similar to Socrates. Much like Socrates, he never wrote any of his teachings down. He was murdered for his inquiries and discoveries. Then after their deaths the followers (disciples & Plato) took liberties with the teachings of these men and produced writings of their own, altering and editing the statements that they spoke. The church is built as a socialist extraction of value, both monetary, psychically and mentally which is built  on a lie and a book which is fabricated similar to James Fray’s false account of his path to recovery in Million Little Pieces.