Control Issues.

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     No one can “own” anything, as you are only here for an allotted time. You “temp own” or “lease” everything as your systems battery will only produce energy for certain amount of time, currently 100-120 years max. Earth is around 4.5+/- billion years old. That ratio isn’t adding up to “ownership” of country, city, town, block, and it doesn’t give a central government ownership over land. You can purchase and “temp own” property, but, now a majority of people can not afford to own due to the looters extracting so much value from them (cost of living) and even if you can afford land the government limits what you can build. You have to get approval from neighbors to build, pay property taxes and pay capital gains tax if you sell and turn a profit. Americans have been raised to believe “ownership is key”. They tie their value or purpose to what they own, ie. MTV Cribs, or what they are condition to tie their identities to objects and labels: gamer, sneaker head/hypebeast, influencer, Antifa, Alt-right, Millennial, Patriot, SJW, etc.

     This country was founded on “individual”, yet the system ingrains in us group think from birth. Judge and counted by the color of our skin. The income of our parents. The towns we grow up in. The clothes we wear. The cars we drive. The color and model of our smart devices; don’t dare let people see you pull out that flip phone! They conditioned us to tie our value to material objects, ie. Christmas has been transformed from a time of gathering around with friends and family to enjoy each others company to a “monetary value rating system”. “Oh we’re not that close so I can just get them a gift card,” to “you have to go big with that gift. She’s your wife!” The commercial market has removed the thought behind the gift, trained us to evaluate each human interaction and relationship on a monetary value. All but removing any thought, emotion or feelings we have for the people around us.

     Alas, you can not judge the object of the system more than you can complain about the stench of a fart. You can only give the facts and allow the object to select their choice from that point forward: positive/negative reaction or neutral. We can only show you the door, you’re the one who has to walk through it. It’s the Green Door.


Q: If “the love of money is the root of all evil,” then what does money represent?

A: Control, power and a higher position within the social order.

     Those who hold the most wealth assume they have control over the world and those who pay with their dollars assume they can control all aspects of a situation. Take a look at online reviews. A common thread will emerge between the negative reviews: “I paid ****** I expected...” Control issues are built into the current financial system and structure of our society. The ones who view money and power as the end all are the ones in our society who are truly the most evil, because for this control they will devalue themselves and those around them. No self-respect or worth comes to a person who values money and control over others.


** NOTE: in the collection of Essays “The Virtue Of Selfishness” by Ayn Rand, states: Man must be ruled by RATIONAL EGO. You cannot rationalize at any point in any time that the exploitation of another person is acceptable. To do so is to invalidate your own rights and freedoms. “Dog eat dog” capitalism invalidates the individuals rights by striping them of their correct value and worth. Laissez-faire capitalism requires that both parties benefit and are compensated according to their value, to exploit someone would be a violation of one owns ethics and beliefs. The term “selfish,” as she used it, was to determine ones version of “happiness” because at its root ones own happiness is a selfish act. There’s a thousand ways to skin a cat. Seek what makes you happy and need not worry about others opinions as long as you are not harming, exploiting or forcing your views on others. Do you boo! (She was also an Atheist and pro-choice, and would have ripped the heart out of modern day conservatives dragging her theories through the mud and using them to excuse their lack of morals, but that’s a different conversation for another time). Also, it’s not 1975 anymore. Creators can control and distribute their creations via Smart Contracts, DTC, NFT and other advances in ownership technology where the state or others can’t control it. Remove the power of control from the government and place the control back in the creator’s hand. **