The Matrix.

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     The War of The Worlds broadcast showed that you can gently rub against an irrational fear and produce a reaction. It also shows that News sources will inflate any issue as long as 50 or so people actually react to the broadcast. Nevertheless, news papers at the time viewed the radio as a threat to their power, so they inflated the issue to discredit radio as a medium. Inadvertently creating fake news, which lead to the creation of laws surrounding the medium and grating control to a central organization. (FCC/GOV) 

     The Beatles appearing on The Ed Sullivan Show had 80million viewers. This signified to advertisers the ability that they could reach mass amounts of people with ease and minimal effort. People will gather to watch a spectacle if they can project themselves into that spectacle (live studio audience). It’s why people slow down to look at the car crash that occurs on the other side of the highway, even though it has nothing to do with us. We are all trying to see a spectacle that later becomes “water cooler” talking points.

     9/11 put both of these concepts together and altered the system that followed. It was the first display of the “global network”. It showed the ability that any individual can change the collective mindset of the world with a simple action. 19 people, told by 1 person to do something. Then the world witnessed it all at once. 01:30 Tokyo, 05:30 LA, 08:30 NYC, 13:30 LDN, 14:30 Berlin, 16:30 Moscow, 23:30 Beijing. On every TV station, on every Radio, in every Newspaper, on every website. The first moment of “Shock & Awe” to show that the world system was easily manipulated by a single person by simply convincing others to take action. Jan. 6th is a warning for what’s to come, if we don’t get our heads out of our asses and correct this.

     What Emerged after 9/11: ultra-patriotism, a nostalgia for “safer and simpler” times, fake news of WMDs (loss of faith in leaders to tell the truth), War On Terror ($5.7 trillion, displayed nearly 40 million migrants creating destabilization within EU, anti-Muslim xenophobia, the rise of the alt-right, Brexit, Tump, etc). A 24h a day car crash news cycle (if it bleeds it leads).

     The media then conflates these stories because their earnings are based on a negative reward system: "If it bleeds it leads” drives viewers numbers up. That gives them the ability to charge more for advertisements, which pushes revenue up - If you think the media didn’t have a huge hard on for Trump you are mistaken. Billions of dollars were made over the last 7 years off of him. From all sides CNN, MSNBC, FOX. He was their wet dream. A perpetual “Shock & Awe” machine making them nothing but gains bro!

     Our entire entertainment system is currently built on nothing more than watching others sit around and talk. Average people sit on a stage, behind a (Podcast) microphone, behind a webcam and give their opinions and reactions on issues. Then the public takes to social media to give their opinions on what those people’s opinions were. Then the “news” runs stories and airs pieces covering the opinions of people’s opinions. It’s an endless loop of negativity which drives hysteria and creates an illusion that the sky is falling. Let’s take a look at the “Flat Earth” conspiracy. Let’s say that tomorrow they prove the earth is flat. What does that change? Do you think planes are going to stop flying? Global shipping is going to halt? Cruise ships are just going to all of a sudden go off the edge to never return? What exactly will change if they prove the earth is flat? NOTHING. Not one thing about our current lives will change if the earth is flat. People will carry on, industry will carry on, life will carry on. Yet here we are, giving credence to these people. Giving them validation by even allowing them to enter into our spheres of conversation. It’s all a big giant illusion of chaos they are using to line their pockets. Take Trump for example, Twitter could have banned him in 2014, but they didn’t. News media could have not reported on him at all, but they did. They did so because he drove earnings for them. The media has made billions of dollars off of Trump and they waited all the way until they could be 100 percent sure he had no power of control over their business to take action against him.

    They say the greatest thing the devil ever did was convince the world he didn’t exist. Well the greatest thing Trump has ever done was convince the world he was Covfefe. Hilary didn’t lose 2016 because she was a woman. She lost because people voted for the lesser of two evils. It’s said it is better to dance with the devil you know, than the devil you don’t know. We say it’s better to sit this one out until the right partner comes to ask you to dance.

The late 90’s “greatest time”-> before full connection
Machine City-> centralized power
The Machines-> Single issue thinkers
Matrix-> Hive Mind (Chaos and division driven by Bots and Trolls, amplified by Media and exploited by The Looters and Moochers)
  Zion-> True freedom (Decentralized Society)
Agent Smith-> Covid19/Disinformation
It's time to unplug from the matrix (social and mass media).

     The worlds current system was installed in the ‘70s with satellites to create a worldwide network. This created a “global village.” 9/11 was the moment it showed what could happen if that system is pushed in a negative way.

     Theory: The “matrix” is, a global “Hive mind” instantly reachable at anytime. Every citizen is connected separately, but able to reach everyone at once. This type of reach can shift the views and thoughts with minimal effort. That’s why the late 90’s were the last time in our civilization that was “stable,” because the majority of the world was not connected and the “hive mind” wasn’t complete. Culture had time to incubate, treads had full life cycles and theories and ideas had time to mature before they were broadcasted to the world. Like playing a game of telephone. Fake news and conspiracy theories spread like Covid (airborne virus), they need to spread rapidly and mutate constantly to take over. If they had time to linger or take weeks to spread, they wouldn’t take root; I.e. moon landing, flat earth, JFK. While the current conspiracy theories: mask-holes VS Covidiots, election fraud (Russian/Voting Machines); spread at a rapid rate leaving destruction in their wake.

     If you want to stop it, you have to elevate EDUCATION, open source it and send it to every person on this planet. A Netflix style FREE education app and streaming service that’s pre-uploaded on every device. There’s a TV in every house and a phone in every hand, yet we don’t use it as an educational tool and still rely on the broken school system which was designed to train children to work in factories: work, break, work, break, work, home. Graded on output and rewarded for extra production. You have to decentralize control from one source and you have to give people the tools to decipher and disarm fake news or you can destroy the Global Village, fix it or fail. Each person must create their own value, where as a centralized gov/ruler will determine the value for each citizen themselves: Industrial Prison Complex, failing education, homelessness, mental illness, shipping jobs off shores to make more money but also raise the cost on a product that just reduced it cost to make? Unsafe drinking water, failure in the most basic of services (DWP). All of it is the Government telling you it doesn’t care about you. You’re a Plebe, you’re expendable. You do one simple task over and over that any person can do and soon a machine controlled by a computer it can do. You don’t matter to them. Either side, because they are safe within their world and their checks continue to arrive. The logical and rational last step is to decentralize everything, just like every other system on this planet. From plant to animal to human. We all follow the same system cycles (3 age cycle): dispersed and rare, centralized and controlled, decentralized and in abundance. Until one of those species begins to overly self-serve themselves at the buffet table leaving the rest to go hungry and die off (global warming).