Constructing The Deconstruction.

Continued from A1...

     "Time" is a construct of the cis white patriarchal power structure which was used to assert control over the working class. The construction of the “work week” ultimately leading to the creation of email, which has eroded the lines between work and personal life and given employers full time connectivity to their employees. Causing an invasion into the personal life and leisure time of workers. Therefore, we must abolish time, if we wish to destroy the capitalist state and patriarchy. We must establish a new method to track the sun's movement based on equity and equal representation for all to feel included and end the injustice of the cis white patriarch and western imperialism.

     “Race” is a social construct of the cis white western narrative which spread capital-imperialism throughout the globe. In order to overthrow the cis white western establishment we must revert back to making phonetic sounds and remove all words from the lexicon of our species communication. Until we do that, the world will not be “free” from the cis white western colonialist infrastructure. Furthermore, “free” is a construct of the same establishment which created “owned” or “in prisoned” class to define the ruling class as “free”.

     “POC” is a construct of the cis white male hierarchy. By removing people's life experiences and gathering various ethnicities under one umbrella term, you strip them of their unique identity and heritage. A Chinese, Korean and a Japanese person do not share the same experience within this world. By labeling them “Asian” you are denying the history between these three cultures and nuanced history between them. Using “American” to hyphen the identity you are forcing the cis white American capitalistic identity and system onto them.

     To further that point, "working class" is a construct of the cis white western power structure as Marx was a cis white male who lived, worked and was educated within the western establishment and schools of his time. He constructed the "working class" and the "revolution" against the cis white capitalist establishment to place himself and his friends in power and construct a society based on his views. The views of a cis white western educated male. Marx, therefore, is part of the power structure and Marxism is a form of oppression constructed by the cis white patriarchal establishment. 

     "Deconstruction" as a concept is a construct of the cis white capitalist establishment. A cis white male invented the Roman alphabet and Germanic language which made it possible for Marx to write his manifesto in reaction to capitalism and without capitalism there could be no Marxism. This directly means that in order for Marxism to exist it is dependent on the cis white male capitalist western establishment. It needs the cis white western capitalist power structure to survive as a movement.

     This ultimately shows that all schools of thought based on Nietzsche, Marx, Kant, Plato, Aristotle, etc. are not part of "reality" as they are all constructs of the cis white western capitalist patriarchy.

     This leads us to conclude that Marxism is not part of “reality” because it is dependent upon the existence of capitalism which does not exist in reality. Therefore, your rebellions and movements are capitalist products which you are purchasing with payments of time, energy, thoughts and attention.