Digital Currency

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      90% of the USD is currently digital. This is proof of concept that digital currency works, digital currency is safe and digital currency is readily adopted. This informs us that there is no longer a need for banks or the federal reserve. The citizens of this country need to agree on a move away from the USD and to a digital currency that will be decentralized. Fix the amount of currency in circulation to the amount of citizens (ie. A child is born and X amount of tokens enter the market. A life is lost and X amount is removed from the market). We also suggest reforming the way we view the monitory markets from a “winner take all” game of musical chairs based economy, to a “cash grab” or hot potato economy. With the advent of digital currency we can rewrite currency eliminating the ability for a few people to hoard wealth. We can treat currency as a diminishing return after 20 years of a single person holding the tokens. An invisible hand of the market creating trickle down economics. Some one is always spending, someone is always buying, someone is always earning and therefor wealth is always being created.

     The elimination of central banks and “Tokenization” of currency will open up investment opportunities for the retail/main street investment class. No longer will they be tied to the stock market as their only chance to build wealth. They can now invest in local economies, neighborhood VC funds and each other. All investments will be held together with Smart Contracts. This move away from centralized to decentralized banking system will give the average citizen the ability to put any spare money they have into a community fund of their own choosing. That can only be reinvested within that community. This fund can be used for small business loans, home repairs, landscape improvements or investments in community members. Allowing the communities to build themselves up from within. Allowing community members to decide their own fate and to own a piece of their community. Establishing pride will elevate the neighborhood and community. Instead of waiting for the Government to fix the water in Flint, we do it ourselves. Not by donating bottles of water, but by loaning them our time and money that they need. Letting the residents shop the free market and fixing their problems. You would be earning interest, which would typically go to the banks. Ownership is key to restoring communities and localized networks. Most important ownership is key to building generation wealth.