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     Multi-tasking is a great way to say “I do everything half assed.” We need to make a list of what this country needs and complete each task one by one.


Phase 1:

A. National high-speed rail service. Built using 80% or more US steel. 50% prevailing wage jobs, 50% non-union jobs. 20% carriage cars built by GM, 20% built by Ford, 20% built by Tesla, 20% built by Stellantis, 20% built by Lords Town, 20% built by Workhorse. Operating system to be co-developed by Apple and Microsoft.

B. Conversion of malls into job training centers, mental health services, rehabilitation centers and bridge housing. A healthy nation starts with a healthy society. A healthy society starts with a healthy citizen.

Phase 2: Expand high speed rail into Canada, Mexico and Alaska. Linking the content of North America and the development of 10-15 new American cities.

City guidelines: soft population of 3-5 million per city. Powered by 100% renewable energy. Linked by an underground transportation network which provides city services and ability for Amazon/UPS, etc. to deliver goods. City wide free broadband/public wifi. Surface level transportation to focus on personal e-transportation (e-bikes, carts, scooters, etc). Public parks and gardens. A basic bachelor homestead style dwelling (not to exceed 750 sqft, with a storage/workspace,  garden/outdoor space.) The remaining lots and structures will be infilled with 2-3 bedroom homes for families. Taking inspiration from the Dessau-Törten Housing Estate, providing a balance of houses and nature with detached, semi-detached, and row houses. New manufacturing and rental centers focused on automation and 3D printing production.

Phase 3: Expand high speed rail into South America.
Phase 4: Link high speed rail with Russia and Asia.
Phase 5: Link high speed rail with Western Europe and the Middle East.
Phase 6: Link high speed rail with Africa.

Final goal: Connect the world via high speed rail to the point that the only flight any citizen would have to take is to reach island nations.

Long term project:

A. Rebuild, modernize and install national renewable energy grid. Install solar panels on every building, houses and install solar canopies over all surface parking lots.

  1. Install home battery packs, removing each residence off the power grid to run as a stand alone unit and give the home owners the ability to sell unused power back to suppliers.
  2. Explore Nuclear power solutions

B. World wide free broadband network in a public-private partnership.

** Fun fact: Yuma, AZ, Phoenix, AZ and Las Vegas, NV are 3 out of the top 5 sunniest places on earth. That makes them ripe, wide open and ready for endless solar fields. With a rapid conversion to renewable energy, having plants built within these cities, the US could dominate the renewable market. Russia’s main source of income, which comes from natural gas/coal/oil, will have the rug pulled from under them and collapse again. Accelerating automated and 3D-printing manufacturing, also pulls the rug out from under China which has an aging population and drop in birth rate leaving them with no new factory workers. That places the ability to leap frog these countries and set the standard for 21st and 22nd century production in our hands and the dream of our forefathers is complete. Freedom, Liberty and Self-guidance and for every human**