American System, The U.S. Dark Ages.

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American Dark ages: 1960’s->(?); The Machine Age-> Systems Age

     Beginning in the late 60's the US began to see a decline in lifestyle, education and industry as the cost of the Vietnam war began to cripple the economy and infrastructure back home. As we entered the 70's, things only got worse with the oil and fuel crisis, inflation, soldiers returning from Vietnam with heroin habits. Followed by a rise of cocaine use, which lead to the crack epidemic fueled by the rise of street gangs within the inner-cities. While never fully recovering from the previous two decades of decline. Bill Clinton signed NAFTA, drawing a line down the middle class of America. If you were above the line you would have security versus if you were below it, you did not. The half of the middle class that was below the line slowly started declining into the lower class. When W. Bush agreed to allow China in the WTO, he took a pair of scissors and cut along the same line. The death of Main Street and the birth of box stores decimated local towns. Meanwhile, the ability for global suppliers to push local famers and manufacturers out of business decimated the rural areas. Government subsidized education, driving cost of higher education through the roof and created  “The Brain drain.” Which forced recent graduates to stay within urban cities due to the fact that jobs in midsize and rural areas were gone or did not pay enough to support their cost of living and cover their student debts. This drove gentrification and reduced tax income for the areas that these people left and never returned. That loss of tax revenue then lowered the quality of education, drove the closing of local hospitals, and reduced local services and left the infrastructure of these midsize and small towns to crumble.

     The main problem is that these people are the middle class and the middle class in this country have become accustomed to a quality of life that should be attainable for an advanced nation in our day and age. They were promised by their parents that life would be a certain way. They did everything they were asked to do to earn that life and when it came time for them to collect and start living it, it was no longer there. It was replaced by low income service worker jobs and ain’t no one trying to be like Calvin! How do you expect someone to pull themselves up by their bootstraps if the cobbler has shut down and the next one is 5 hours away and ten times the price they can afford? Now the people are getting angrier and angrier. Growing tired and fed up with talking about how angry they are and beginning to take action (Occupy, Alt-Right, Alt-left). This is why Clinton lost in ‘16. Not because she is a women, but because Trump was the “lesser of two evils." The reason Trump got 70 million votes in ‘20 was because the government doubled down with Joe Biden or rather Obama 2.0. Trump preached about draining the swap, but filled his cabinet with W-era left overs. Biden preached a new beginning, but brought back Obama-era left overs. NO ONE trusts anyone in Washington to get anything done anymore and they have just cause! Because for the last 70 years the government has done nothing but shit on the public of this country. It took Congress months to give you $600, which was paid right back to the banks to cover the debt you occurred over the time they were bullshitting or if we are being honest the debt you already had. On the other hand, on Jan. 6, their lives were in danger for a matter of hours and within a week they managed to accomplish invoking the 25th amendment and another impeachment. Wasting taxpayers money knowing it was going to fail. They wasted money while putting on a political theater. They wasted time while you sat at home in fear and chaos. They do not care about you or your families. Now the upper class and elites, the looters and the extractors of value have a choice. They can rewrite the system from the ground up and use the current minds we have to solve the issues destroying this country and world. They can provide the basic human needs to survive and nothing more than what a human needs to survive: housing, education, health care, food. Or the people who are angry are going to burn it down. Have you ever thought that maybe they want a reduction in population size so they can have the world to themselves? Take a look at the policies they have enacted over the last 50 or so years:

-The Prison Industrial Complex (war on drugs: crack, fentanyl)
-Decline in healthcare (HIV, Covid, drugs not treatment, mental health)
-Street Violence (mass shootings/crime/gang wars)
-A declining birth rate
-War on Poverty
-War on Terror
-War on You

Maybe their plan is to reduce the middle class. Let it die off due to all the problems that they face and replace them with low skilled, low educated immigrant labor. Only time will tell.