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     America used to be a country of inventors and thinkers, we valued knowledge and education. We went from a country of inventors whom discovered the keys which would push the industrial revolution forward. Then a country of innovators whom took those inventions and mass produced them in factories designed by an America. To a country of mindless workers who were trained to work simple repetitive tasks. Today we are a nation of service workers, Uber drivers, food delivery, Airbnb hosts, etc. We have mass amounts of information at our fingertips, but we treat it like fast food. Just consuming the headline and assuming we know all there is to know. We no longer value knowledge and wisdom because it’s constantly at our fingertips, just grab a bite on the way or rather look it up on the way. No need to learn it, know it or apply it wisely. Just need to know enough to tweet a reaction to it.

     Why do we treat education as a rare commodity, where parents have to fight over vouchers and charter schools? Or worse, be forced to send their children to underfunded and understaffed schools because they don’t live within a certain district? Why does Roku/Apple TV not have a 24hr accredited educational streaming service free for all in this world to watch within their home and educate themselves? There is tons of empty retail space currently due to Covid. Small business loans for teachers to open up grade specific teaching centers. A fix payment per child, then base bonuses off success of the children who attend their centers. Let the market cut the crap teachers out and let people who are driven to educated step in and become their own bosses. Parents can select their own learning center based on home or work locations. Education should be the biggest earning industry within our country and the world. Decentralized learning, let’s cut cost way down and let’s get rid of these FastFood service training centers which we call “schools”. Do you really want your child to be Grubhub delivery drivers? Do you really want your child to enter the workforce with a debt and interest rate so large it will take them longer to pay it off than a 30yr mortgage?