Taxes and New Income Streams.

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Goals (Short to Long term):

1. Pay off U.S. government debt
2. Balance the budget
3. Run a surplus
4. Eliminate capital gains taxes
5. Eliminate income tax

    Tax brackets:
    1. Single file tax payer: Elimination of joint filing, elimination of deductions, elimination of write offs, elimination of tax credits, elimination of any and all income adjustments.
    2. Flat tax brackets based on the current progressive system: $0-75 5%, $75-250 10%, $250-500 15%, $500-1million 20%. $1million+ 25%.

           For far too long the private citizen has been tasked with supporting the federal and state governments, while corporations and wealthy individuals used loop holes to avoid paying. The fallacy that people don’t want to pay taxes is growing tiresome. People are willing to pay a higher tax rate if they see the results that are being promised. Taxpayers get upset when taxes go up, but the issues double or sometimes triple in size instead of shrinking as they were suppose to.

      We must create new income streams and close the loop holes within the tax system.

           Proposal: The taxes that citizens pay are used to fund many branches of the government, one specifically being the Department of Defense (DOD). Over the years the DOD has funded many research developments (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA) which have achieved many technological advancements. These advancements are used by companies and citizens daily, including one that has changed our lives forever, the internet. We propose that companies must start paying the Government (taxpayers) to use the internet within the U.S.:

      1. A 15% fee of the gross annual earnings of any company which uses the internet as its main consumer channel. SaaS, streaming, cloud, data processing, e-com, social media, apps, gaming platforms, etc.
      2. A 10% fee for any company which uses any technological advancement which was achieved with funding from the DoD. NavSat (GPS), Project MAC, Multics, Aspen Movie map (Google Earth), etc including any future technological advancements which reach the consumer industry.
      3.  A 3% transaction fee for all Crypto, DVT, USDT and consumer purchases and transactions.
      4. A Corporate fixed tax rate of 22.5%
      All percentages and values are at best an approximation and will be adjusted based upon actual figures before implementation.