Bailouts (Robbing the piggy bank).

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      90% of USD are currently digital, there’s no “printing money” to cause inflation, they manipulate the dollar by adjusting interest rate to create an artificial market. It’s all smoke and mirrors. A minor run on the banks will cause the system to fail and there’s nothing they can do to stop it.

     The Covid payments to people who earn under $70K a year, majority of which are already in debt and living off of credit cards. Along with businesses who owe money to banks, was designed to prop up the economy, but in realty it was meant to prolong the debt spiral which has been lurking in the shadows since the late 90’s/early 2000’s. This debt market means every dollar given to the people is being paid right back to the banks via credit payments, school loans, rent, etc. No one actually got bailed out. Now the banks have an influx of cash to loan out at extremely low interest rates. This means the citizens who have the current financial means then take low interest loans because it is free money and they can. Then they turn around and purchase stocks, real estate, Bitcoin, etc. and create an illusion of a bull market. 20 million plus unemployed, food lines across the country and others have just given up looking for work. Yet, banks, elites and global corporations are making billions? The earning figures do not make “cents.”

     The FED currently has set the interest rate near zero to spur borrowing and create an illusion of a recovering market. The FED has trapped itself into a low interest rate. If/when the FED decides to raise interest rates, those who have invested and driven the bull market for the last year will begin to remove their money from the markets and take their profits. Walk or reinvest into more sound and secure investments. This will trigger a bear market, along with the hyper-inflation of goods, high unemployment rates and credit debt market defaults. This will cause mass deflation of the dollar and lead into a depression. Those who are not holding large cash reserves will be left out in the cold. While those who have small to medium cash reserve will be forced to weather the storm. Citizens without cash reserves will lose everything. The ones with large cash reserves will begin to purchase debts and consolidate ownership. This will create a larger concentration of wealth for the global elites. You can cut it anyway you want but you’re currently seeing “The Great American Swindle.” Cash from chaos like Malcom and the Pistols flick. A “robbing” of the countries piggy bank in one last attempt to grab as much as they can before the centralized financial system crash and Retail/Main Street is left holding the bag. Again.

     If the Government had any intention of correcting the market, they would have in 1929 when it showed how flawed it was in the first place. A country wide shut down with a restructuring of the economy, rebooting it with a direct deposit of 10k to every citizen over the age of 16, and stipulate it can only be spent within their communities at the retail level. They don’t, they didn’t, so here we are 100 years later with how many recessions and near collapses later?

     It took Congress all summer to argue over $600 for your livelihood. Yet their safety was only in danger for a few short hours and within weeks they made lasting changes to make sure it never happen again. “Urgency” is a word modern humans only know when their lifestyle is under threat. Stop allowing them to live off of you. Put their livelihood in danger by simply walking away from the table. Let them eat your debt. Let them figure out where and how they will pay rent this month. Passive non-violent resistance. There are 340 million or so people in America and 99% of them are not on the “inside.” They can’t evict us all. They can’t arrest us all, now can they?
Inside Vs Outside: If you were to take a 10 year sabbatical from work, would you lose everything you had? If you said "yes" then you are on the outside.