New-New Conclusion.

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     If you look at every economy and every nation they all fail the same way. The consolidation of value, ownership and the extraction of value from the middle and lower class. We aim for a self-contained and self regulating economy. Current technological advances make this economy possible. Blockchain, smart contracts and internet technology gives us the ability to regulate and operate a 100% transparent economy with no “ruling” class.

     We are a consumer culture. We will spend, we borrow. Ownership gives people meaning and reasons to invest, frequent stores, purchase goods and services and creates pride within the communities. Decentralizing the economy and currency removes human error and corruption out of the market. The only way to create a fair and balanced market is to remove any and all human control. Creating a self sustaining and self perpetuating economy.

     Making regulation of corporations, companies and the market publicly accessible means we no longer need government agencies to dictate and pass policies. The private citizens can create a movement at anytime to force a company into compliance with current cultural and market standards. As well as the move to automation and renewable energy will take the power away from the corporation and place it into the individual producer. We witnessed what can be done via crowd sourcing, Kickstarter, Occupy, $GME and many other campaigns. If your idea or product is great, you have the ability to take it to the market simply by posting it online. If your product is good, consumers will buy in becoming a sponsor and ultimately spread the word. If not, you have the ability to retool or launch a better product. Advances in 3D printing, direct to garment (DTG) printing, automation and renewable energy allows the blueprints and product specs of a design to be uploaded online and produced anywhere. Any ordered specs can be sent to the factory located nearest to the consumer, queued up, produced within hours and delivered within days.

     The economy is not an abstract concept. It is a machine. We must design the economy as a machine that can run independently of outside influence and corruption. The economy must be designed to produce opportunities for everyone to achieve whatever level of economic success they wish to achieve.