The New-New Market Place.

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     Stocks: All public companies will issue stock buy backs and convert to private ownership. Once private, that company will have the option to issue Digital Value Tokens (DVTs). Once issued, the DVTs will be available for open public purchase on the free market. The companies blockchain will track ownership of these DVTs providing public knowledge of who owns what and its trading history. Therefor, this will eliminate the ability to short, borrow or double sell stocks.
Commodities: Any ownership of traded commodities will be a 1:1 transfer of value from the current market to the DVT market place. Any and all ownership of commodity production will be granted back to the country in which those commodities are extracted from.

     Housing and property ownership: Private housing ownership is reserved for the private citizen. Any corporation, LLC or company which currently owns private housing will be given an allotted time frame to list and sale those properties. Commercial properties will be classified as “duel-ownership”, meaning a private citizen and/or a corporation/LLC/company can purchase and own those buildings. Mixed used buildings will have mixed use ownership. The housing units above will be owned by private investors. These mixed use properties will be able to track ownership via DVTs and a ledger of ownership will be kept via the blockchain.

     Accountability: We believe the lack of accountability has driven those in power to corrupt and extract value while facing zero consequences for their actions. The market must be 100% transparent and available for private citizen(s) to audit when they wish. By providing a public ledger via blockchain technology the marketplace will become accountable and transparent.