Free Will.

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     There is no such thing as “free will.” You breath or die, you eat or die, you sleep or go crazy and then die. Say today you book a trip for this weekend based on the recommendation of a friend. Every day until that day you will do a predetermined task based on that future plan, which needs to fit into your current schedule, and the only reason you will choose that future plan is based on the compounded days lived up until today. The days spent watching every mistake and achievement you’ve witness from your parents, teachers, books read, shows watched, items purchased, all of that goes into the juicer and you emerge. Because yesterday+today = tomorrow. Everyday is a system of hours and minutes that compound, what emerges tomorrow is you that day. At any moment you can say, “I’m done with this” and change your path.

Example 1: A child is born with no knowledge. A clean slate. No concept of the wheel, no knowledge of a how to build a fire or what to eat or not eat, how to speak, how to read, how to survive. That child has no sins, no past life. The “past life” is the moments they spend watching their parents carry on. The “sins of your past” are just that, the habits taught to you by your parents. The anger and indiscretions witnessed from the back seat, the over heard conversations and the flawed beliefs taught to them. These moments predetermine your reactions to events that happen through your life. You have no free will. You simply react to things the way you were taught to or the way your parents did when they thought you weren’t looking.

Example 2: You ordered a pot from Amazon and it will arrive in 2 days from today. By ordering the pot you are now creating a trip to the nursery, which will include: the time driving there and the route you drive is determined by the route you’ve taken before to get there, or by Google maps or traffic that day. The plant you buy will be determined by the size of the pot you ordered. The placement of that plant inside your house will be determined by the furniture you already own. Every action that follows ordering that pot determines your actions. From that single choice of buying a pot your actions are pre-set and a new system will emerge: new movements around that plant, a new environment/atmospheric within your house, a new mood, slightly filtering air, joy from tending to that plant or disappointment if it dies. All of this was predetermined not only by buying the pot, but by the simple thought of “I want a new plant.” Which is caused by the space that has emerged over the years of living in your current residence. Everything is predetermined by everything which came before it.

     You will chose 1 or 2 ways to react to this: positive/negative or neutral. From that reaction you’ll emerge a new person. You may recall this past hours (system), days (system) and months (system) down the line. I’ve already planted the thought inside your head or maybe you won’t think of it, but what’s really going to bake your noodle, is if you don’t think of it is it to spite me or is it because you choose not to? And if you do think of it is it because I said you would of because the thought randomly arises within your head? 

*** Humans have the ability to attain free will if they choose to break the system they inherited and leave the sins of their past life in the past. Otherwise, free will is an illusion. This is why the Algorithm knows you better than you know yourself.  ***