Final Thoughts

     We believe our forefathers were highly intelligent, rational and logical men. They studied every form of government that came before them. They understood that in order for a nation to grow the government must be small and nimble enough to shift and adapt at a moments notice. they understood a Gov had to be large enough to defend against enemies foreign and domestic. They understood that as the nation grew the government would have to shift and adapt as well. They laid the foundation and frame work to restructure that government in the founding documents of this nation. We understand that America has never been “great” socially and American “greatness” economically died somewhere after 1945. We still believe the concept works. We see America not as a failed state entering into 4th world status, but rather a Classic car parked in the driveway of some little old lady from Pasadena that’s waiting for the right frame off restoration to be turned into the perfect restomod to go for another 1000 years.

     If you saw humans, the giants who hold the world on their shoulders, if you saw that they stood, blood running down their chests, their knees buckling, their arms trembling but still trying to hold the world aloft with the last of their strength, and the greater their effort the heavier the world bore down upon their shoulders - What would you tell them? We would tell them to shrug.

     Disclaimer: Make no mistake about it. We do not have the answers, we do not believe we are 100% correct. We do not believe we should be in charge. We just don’t hear anyone talking about the root problems. We don’t feel as tho the powers that be: the media, the CEO’s, the Political Elite, etc have cause to change the system because they still are benefiting from it. We want to push the boundary of current approaches to the problems we face. We believe the longer we wait, the longer we stand by, the longer these issues are allowed to grow and the more we as a country, as a democracy, as a species will decline. It’s time for a change. It’s time the cluckers are told to sit down and shut up. It’s all hands on deck time. The problems of our world are multiplying and growing every second we sit idly by. The time for pointing fingers has long passed. Neither side holds a monopoly on ideas that can solve these problems. We are speaking up because no one else is. Are you looking for solutions or pointing your finger?

     Dedicated to all who have given their life fighting for freedom. All who pushed humanity forward to a new dawn. All who stand up for the voiceless and all who are ready to fight for true equality and freedom. And most import this is dedicated to you, our fellow humans.