Data Ownership.

Continued from A1...

     Data is personal property. 100% of the data collected so far needs to be deleted and wiped clean from the servers. A new ownership model will be built around the data industry. The current model treats data as a commodity, but does not reward those who produce it. Instead, treating the users as indentured servants. A new independent agency will be created to protect, anonymize and manage data.

     This agency will also be in charge of issuing Digital Publisher Identification Numbers (DPINS). DPINS will only be required for those citizen who wish to become Social Media Publishers (SMP). A citizen will be required to provide government identification, a Biometric (Finger print or Facial ID) and be above the age of 18 (16 with parental approval). Requiring a small fee ($TBD) to receive a DPIN. The publisher can then enter this DPIN into their social media accounts verifying with the agency for a fee ($TBD) to be paid for by the platform. The DPIN number will then be added to the meta data of all content posted by the publisher allowing the publisher to issue Digital Millennium Copyright (DMCA) when their content is republished or used without their consent. The DPIN will also allow the publisher to set a chosen percentage for a licensing fee for content they created and to be paid by any other publisher who want to repost/reuse their content.
If a citizen chooses to only sell their data, they will have the ability to create a DPIN, and enter it within their chosen internet browsers and sell their data via an anonymized market place. If a citizen chooses not to sell their data, or be a SMP, they do not have to register for a DPIN and can use the internet freely as they wish.

     We theorize this will create a passive income stream for any and all citizens who wish to take part. This will put honesty, trustworthiness and community back into the social media platforms. Holding those who post false reviews, fake pics, and misinformation responsible to the standards of current publishing rules. It will eliminate the ability for trolls, bots and deep fakes to run rampant and the spreading fake news and conspiracy theories. The fees collected by this agency will serve as a new income stream to help reduce the amount of money the citizen pays in taxes.